We Will Keep Your Children Alive

We Promise


Senno was started in 2008 by two brothers, both alumni of PSHS and UP Diliman, who would like to share their experience of academic excellence with others and fill out a niche that is currently filled out by a very few a home-based tutorial services provider which focuses beyond grades, sees its clients as valued friends and not just a source of income, and considers tutoring as a passion and calling, rather than just a sideline or business.

We would like our students to not just solve problems on their own during exams or quizzes; it is our aim that students would eventually learn how to study, review, and work at home on their own. For a child to "learn how to learn", that is our goal.

Already over five years into our operation, we are proud to report that our list of satisfied clients is still growing, and so is our family of tutor-partners. We have remained true to our vision, and we are still even getting better at what we do.



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Atin cu pung sinsing. Meting yang timpukan. Amana ke iti, keng indung ibatan. Sangkangkeng sininup, ing metung a kaban. Mewala ya iti, e ku kamalayan.


In Senno, we do not take the report card grade or exam score as the be-all-end-all metric of success, although we consider it important. Beyond teaching techniques and solutions or being study partners, we also aim to foster independence among our students.



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